Friday, February 5, 2016

Hey, guys, I have written this report 
just thought you might like to read it.

and Cyber-Bullying

I reckon most people reading this agree that bullying is never appropriate. Most people would also probably say they would stand up to a bully. But when it actually happens, it can be very hard, and a lot of the time, it can feel like all your courage has left you. I’m writing this report to inform people about bullying, and to help people to recognise and prevent bullying, cyber or not.

Bullying is when a person or a group of people physically abuse someone, like hitting or kicking, or when people psychologically abuse other people, like teasing, leaving mean notes, or spreading nasty rumours. Cyber bullying is when people send nasty messages to other people, spread unkind and/or untrue rumours over the internet, or share mean or embarrassing photos.

People do this for many reasons. Sometimes they do it because they are angry and take it out on others. Sometimes they do it to try to be cool, or to scare other people into doing what they want. And some other times they are jealous of people being better at things than them or having things they want. Also, they do it because they think they are superior.

When people are bullied, sometimes no matter if they know that it’s not true, they still harbor a secret fear that it is. Sometimes they will not talk or eat as much as usual, and will not want to connect with others a lot. Also, they might want to be alone a lot and cry a lot. If you see someone crying, the “code of conduct” is almost always ask them if they’re ok and respect their wishes, especially if they ask to be left alone. Harassing them with questions when they are already upset will only make matters worse.

If you are being bullied or know about it happening to someone else, then you should tell a teacher, parent, or other trusted adult right away. This is always the first step in preventing it happening again. If you are being cyber-bullied, then you should save the message and show it to a trusted adult. Then they can help you block the person and alert the moderator. Most sites should have an “alert moderator” button. Remember that you should never use that button without a good reason.

Ok, now you know how to deal with bullying and cyber-bullying. If you have no trusted adult to go to, then you can call Kid’s Helpline on 1800 55 1800. They are always happy to help and will not even make you tell them your name or address. I have included their website in the sources list at the bottom of the page. Thanks for reading this report, and stay safe!

Kids Helpline: (also has a games section that is safe for kids)
Behind the News: (search with keywords: Kids Helpline, Cyber Bullying, Bullying)

Thanks for reading! If you want to write a guest post, then please leave a comment telling me so and I will see if we can manage it. Bye!

Saturday, October 17, 2015


Hey  guys!!!
I know you've probably given up on my blog cause I never post... my bad. Sorry.
Anyway, I learn programming and math on , a completely free learning website for ages 5+.
Anyway, in programming, there is this little monster thing called "Oh Noes"
who appears when you make a mistake:

But I caught him SMILING!!! OH NOES NEVER SMILES!!!! WOW!!!!!

Anyways, I had better leave you with this crazy post and get on with my life..
Oh and before I forget, if you're interested, I have an NG kids MyShot profile:

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Essays, Bunnies, and why I post so sparsely

Hey guys!
I'm really sorry I haven't been posting! I'm just terrible at doing things regularly. :I
I did an essay for schoolwork you might like to read and a bunny update afterwards, so here* it is:
People are in danger of drowning. We should do all we can to help.
The World Health Organisation wants something done about the high levels of drowning in regions such as India and Bangladesh, so swimming teachers are being sent overseas to help increase water safety knowledge and swimming ability.
 Simple information -such as, “drinking alcohol before swimming is a bad idea” or “stay on guard around kids and water” which many of us take for granted- may save the life of many in such areas. Even in places like Australia, where we are very privileged with proper water safety education, the drowning levels are much too high.
 Even if you don’t have a pool at home, there are still some simple steps you can take to lower the risk of drowning:

  •  Tell your parents, siblings and friends some of the simple essentials about water safety and ask them to convey them to their friends (adults will probably know all the basics).

  •   Research the Guidelines for Safe Pool Operation or GSPO on the website for Royal Life Saving (listed in the sources) and share them with your friends and family.

These simple pieces of advice can save lives so we should be grateful and glad that we have such easy, trouble-free access to this guidance and swimming programs.



Any good?

*How do I bigger my letters on blogger?
Anyway, they're "biggered" now.

Currant bun the rabbit is a big fan of cardboard boxes,cucumber, and apple tree bark. He also likes dandelion leaves. (The others try to feed him the FLOWERS lol no matter how many times I tell them I MEANT the leaves and he just eats them. And thoroughly enjoys them.) 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Hi guys! Introducing....
Most certainly not claustrophobic!
(my brothers took this picture)

Currant bun!
He is so cute! He is a gray half-lop. Any treat recipes or care tips are welcome thanks guys.
~ Erin

Friday, November 14, 2014

Animal Jam

Hi guys! Sorry I haven't posted for a while; things have been very busy.
Today's post is about a social game called Animal Jam. Animal Jam is made by National Geographic Kids, an American based educational organisation. Starring in the screenshots (yes I finally learned how to take them) is my little brother Christopher, A.K.A monkey8magic.

A forgotten corn maze lies before you. You don't know which way to turn. Will you make it to the center, where it is told that there is an ancient treasure worth millions of gems?

Don't ask me why he's dressed like Santa Claus. I don't know. 
(he says its because he is santa)

    ... ...
        ... ... ...
Enough about that.
In this adventure, you need to actually pick up the gem bag.
In others you just walk on them and it says "+ 25" or whatever.
BTW, if it's blue numbers it's courage points,(levels you up) if it's green it's gems.(so you can buy clothes, dens, den items, or even new animals.

For the first time, you have to UNLOCK the treasures. >: P


Proves my point.

"Are you sure you're not going backwards?" Yes.
See? These trees mean the middle. There's a green portal not shown here to get out.

My brother is non- member but I am member.

He got this giant pumpkin.
That's all for today!

(Yes the cat border is our cat.)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

LOL text on pic!

Text on pic! Wow!
I <3 photo editing! 
Only got one pic today but some EPIC news!
I  finished my Xtramath times tables! The last one in set in 3! (addition subtraction multiplication)
Multiplication. Or as Pippi Longstocking puts it, Pluttification. Useful stuff. BTW, I have noticed some of the daffodils are starting to finish. :'( Shame. They are so pretty. Spring is really starting to set in. 
 Anyway, if you have any themes you would like  me to write a post about or would like to suggest some tips or photo themes then please feel free to write in the comments below. Thanks!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I am currently using a website at open university.
I did an experiment to see how much of a potato is water. Approximately 98/127.
Here is the potato before the experiment:


Here is the amount of water we got out of the potato:
(not the same water)